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Forget away is a first person interactive game based in a small cozy cabin. The story revolves around two lovers Kina and Nora and the mysteries surrounding an eventful night of their accident. Kina has to find out what happens and is torn between staying in her blissful ignorance or finding the bitter truth.

Hey friendos, my name is Joanna Tran and I'm a first year Game Design student at RMIT university. This is a huge learning experience for me as it is my first game that I have ever made! Please enjoy and thank you for playing! :)

This project is a starting point for a huge weird idea I have in my head and hopefully I can further pursue this story and game and make something bigger from it! If the feedback I receive from my teacher or friends (or even strangers) is good then maybe I will try to expand from it further :DD

I have never published anything like this online before so I'm still not 100% sure what I need to put here or what I need to credit or what I don't but I'll try credit everything I can think of!!

* Known issues: (Please be aware of them when you play the game!)

  • The volume of the audio files are all out of whack so the background/ ambient noises will probably be much louder than those of the voice acting. [HEADPHONES/ EARPHONES RECOMMENDED OR MAYBE TURN THE VOLUME UP. THIS IS UNTIL I FIGURE OUT HOW TO WORK WITH THE SOUND IN UNITY :(]
  • Your head might bump into the ceiling/ or do something weird at the stairs. A collider was put there because when I was making the model of the cabin itself I didn't realize that I made the gap between the stairs and the next level too small so the player would just go through the ceiling. It's really funky but it was what was put in place to prevent that from happening.
  • Pages may be hard to reach but you can read all of them.
  • Forgot to but a box collider around shelf on top level.



  • Bet on it - Silent Partner
  • Hi, be mine - Muciojad
  • Sandbox - Silent Partner


  • Thunderstorm - rhumphries (freesound.org)
  • Fire crackling - dobriode (freesound.org)
  • Chimney Fire - reinsamba (freesound.org)

Voice over:

Done by my amazing talented friend Evanna Pirlo who I really wish to meet one day. <3

E: cowspider202@gmail.com

IG: @bananaevanna


- Moon Flower: Denise Bentulan [http://douxiegirl.com]

- A little sunshine: Vanessa Bays [http://bythebutterfly.com]

Made in Unity. All assets and drawings are done by me unless they were from the standard assets thingo in unity!! (I promise I draw better than what is shown in the game xx) I would also like to thank my lovely boyfriend for helping me with the scripts and coding when I was very close to crying and calling quits.

Contact me:

E: tran.joanna97@gmail.com

T: @joatra_


ForgetAway.zip 103 MB


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My game kept crashing everytime i tired to wake up 

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It didn't crash, it exits the game! :)

Great Playthrough!

Thank you so much for playing! :)

I'll just say one thing first, the base of the story is awesome and I really hope you continue to build off of it! I didn't completely understand what was going on, but I came up with a theory of my own. I'm not sure if it's correct, even the slightest bit, but I gave it my best thought. Are you planning on putting more into this or is it a stand alone mystery? Did I miss something important?

Just a few questions I had, but either way, it was totally awesome, even if I didn't grasp what it was completely, it was cool to draw my own idea from it. Maybe that's the whole point.

If you'd like to view my thoughts, I made a video on it:

Thanks for creating something so intriguing! :D

Thank you so much for playing! Sorry for the delayed response!! 

I didn't really have plans initially to expand more on this story/ game. I wanted to make something that ended really ambiguously and was open for me to add onto it in the future if i ever decided to. But I love how other people interpret it and draw their own ideas from it :) 

I would love to continue with building from this game but I feel like it will be a little further into the future. Again, thanks for playing and I love your video!!

Hey played this game and had quite a bit of fun.


I play a bunch of indie games so check it out :) Sorry about the random lag though

Deleted post

Ahh!! Thank you so much for playing :))

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This was a really nice and interesting little game. The graphics are nice, the atmosphere is somewhat spooky and fits the story. I rather liked the simplistic art style this game had. It made the idea of where the story was for that. I also liked the little twist ending the game has. Wasn't expecting it to just simply end the way it did, but once I played through it a few times I realized that was the point all along. For a first published game I like the direction the developer uses and hope they will stick with this style and maybe even expand on this story. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.


I love all of these videos!! I really appreciate the feedback and responses to the game and I'm very happy you enjoyed it. If I get a good response from people and they want to see more then I'd be more than happy to make more content! I have so muc going in my head for the story but it's just a lot of work to do on my own!!

Thank you so much for playing!! It means a lot. ❤️❤️

Awesome game!

This means so much!! Thank you for playing <33

Gave it a go...



Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much for playing!! This made my day 😭

Looks interesting! Good luck with "huge idea" in the future! :)

Thank you so much for playing!!