A downloadable game for Windows

This prototype was completed for a Game-A-Week class where we have to complete a game on a specific topic/ theme within the week! 

This week's theme was: Voice (Week 7)

About the game and future of the game:

This prototype was made based on the theme of "Voice", I wanted to use a voice to tell a story. The story is for you to listen to and figure out on your own!!

At the moment, the story is (mostly) complete with a few more things that I will add in the future. As for the scenes, they are currently incomplete as there isn't really anything you can interact with other than the "Voice" devices (this was because I wanted to meet the theme requirements and that was all I could manage to do in the week!). In the future, each scene will have more content for you to interact with and things for you to look at that will also add to the story and tell you more about what is happening.  There will also be additional scenes added to the game, so if you intend to check this out, look out for the final release too!! :))

(The ending has already been put into the game so I guess the story itself has been mostly told, but with the added content in the future, maybe more will be uncovered?!)

How to:

Mouse - look around

L-Shift - Run (In first scene only)

E - interact with objects and people

ALT F4 to exit game.



Fonts -

- A little sunshine: Vanessa Bays [http://bythebutterfly.com]

Assets -

All assets have been made by me unless I've used some things from:

Voice acting-

Done by my amazing talented friend Evanna Pirlo.

E: evanna.pirlo@gmail.com




Do You Remember.zip 71 MB


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